Exploring the Benefits of Purchasing Unlocked iPhones at Wholesale Prices

Posted on May 17, '23 by 2ndlifephones Support

The present era demands a smartphone for everyone. Not only they have modernized our way of communication but also they have become an essential part of our lives. Considering the top smartphone brands in the market, Apple iPhones outshine the rest. Nearly everyone demands to own one. All thanks to its innovative features, elegant design, and versatility, its demand is getting beyond the hype. Purchasing a brand-new iPhone can cost you a lot. Therefore, buying used iPhones can save you money, function like a new one, and allow you to enjoy all the features. Retailers buy iPhone wholesale price and resell them to customers and meet their demands.

Currently, unlocked iPhones are trending and purchased at a higher rate. There are a number of reasons why people prefer unlocked devices to locked ones. So, in this article, we will explore the benefits of purchasing unlocked iPhones at wholesale prices and how it is a must-have for everyone thinking to buy an iPhone. Also, these are the same reasons why retailers should specifically deal with factory-unlocked iPhones in order to get more sales and maximize their profits.

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Benefits of purchasing unlocked iPhones at wholesale prices

Purchasing unlocked iPhones come with innumerable advantages for all. They open new possibilities for people as well as business people. So, let’s take a look at why your store should have a consistent supply of unlocked iPhones and how it benefits people.

  1. Saves costs

One of the major benefits of buying unlocked iPhones at wholesale prices is cost savings. When you purchase the iPhones at wholesale costs, you get products at a fraction of retail cost giving you more products in a lesser amount. Not only is this helpful for retailers but also business people who require iPhones for their daily tasks can benefit a lot from it. Moreover, retailers can save the cost, time, and effort needed to unlock each phone. In this way, you can get unlocked iPhones in bulk at wholesale prices instead of buying them individually.

  1. Flexibility to choose own carrier

When you purchase an unlocked phone, your customers get a chance and freedom to choose their preferred mobile carrier. They can even switch between mobile carriers without any restrictions. This is quite desirable among customers as they cannot stay limited to a particular carrier. They can choose any compatible SIM from their preferable network. This freedom lets customers choose whatever carrier they want without spending extra money on unlocking the device. It also saves you from unlocking them yourself.

  1. Perfect for international use

People who travel frequently or business people who need to go abroad occasionally definitely need an unlocked iPhone. Since these devices are compatible with all SIM networks worldwide, people don’t need to get into expensive plans to make their phone work with a carrier of a particular country. In this way, people can save a lot of money spent on roaming charges and enjoy making calls, texts, and data usage without spending additional costs. This works perfectly for wanderlusts and makes it a must to include majorly factory-unlocked iPhones at your store.

  1. Higher resale value

As we explained earlier, unlocked iPhones are currently high in demand by customers. Due to several reasons, people may skip locked devices and purchase unlocked phones. Being a retailer, your investment in factory-unlocked iPhones will surely be a productive one. So your phone can have a higher resale value as compared to carrier-locked devices. Thus, you can secure a major profit from these unlocked devices. So, whenever customers need to upgrade to a new model, they would consider your store as it will include unlocked phones. 

  1. Eliminating third-party apps

A locked iPhone is usually falsely unlocked using different third-party apps and software. Moreover, people adopt different hacks to make them unlock in a fake manner. Having unlocked iPhones can take you out of these worries. At any time, the pseudo-unlocked phone can become locked again and you need to deal with the struggle of unlocking it again. So there is no guarantee till when the phone will work on all mobile carriers. It is better to opt for factory-unlocked iPhones so that once it is unlocked in the right way, you can stay worry-free.

  1. Avail dual-sim functioning

The latest iPhones are now dual-sim. While a carrier-locked iPhone fails to support this feature, you can easily enjoy two different mobile carriers in a single unlocked phone. If you have a locked phone, you can stay restricted to a single carrier and therefore, this feature is of no use to people owning a locked phone. So, the people who require dual-sim for their functioning must get a factory-unlocked phone.


Not only for customers but also retailers can benefit a lot from factory-unlocked devices. You can get more customers which means increased sales and higher profits. It is best to buy iPhone wholesale price from 2nd life phones. As our store deals with majorly factory-unlocked devices, your retail business can succeed a lot. Moreover, our devices are high-quality and function optimally. With wholesale costs and discounts on bulk orders, we prove to be the most affordable supplier. So order your favorite unlocked iPhones from 2nd life phones and maximize your profits.