Leadership DevelopmentModel

Master of your skill set

  • You can complete your work independently without help from colleagues
  • You can meet your productivity goals and targets without sacrificing quality
  • You can train someone else in your skill set
  • You can innovate and find new solutions to produce results

Collaborative and Principled Colleague

  • You recognize the importance and cost of your own productivity on the health of the company
  • You can manage yourself and lead under stress and deadlines
  • Your word and actions are consistent
  • Your colleagues can rely on you to deliver on promises

Result and ownership driven problem solver

  • You take initiative for solving problems
  • You resolve problems, not just delay them
  • You are aware of the detail and depth of the problem
  • You prioritize the solution effectively with the health of the company in mind


  • You think about the problem and a potential solution independently
  • You make decisions with the health of the company in mind
  • You apprentice others in a strength-based way
  • You contribute beyond your scope of work