90 day return or
replacement policy

Our return policy is built on the assumption that no one wants to return a product that meets their expectations. Afterall, our customers don't make any money returns, they make money when they resell the product to their customers

File a return
Return policy

Our return policy is liberal and simple

  • Cosmetic grading returns are accepted up to 30 days from order delivery.
  • Functional defect returns are accepted up to 90 days from order delivery.
  • During the 1st 30 days, we will send credit back via your original payment method.
  • From Day 31 day 90, we will give you credit based on current market prices or replacements of exact same products. This is to account for the expected reduction in prices over time.

Submit an RMA Form

Please fill out this form to submit an RMA request. You will need the model, IMEI and 2ndlife invoice number in order to fill out this form

Receive RMA Number

Within 24 hours of receipt, we will send you an RMA number. This number must be included in the box

Return Label

If it is a domestic return, we will include the return label with your RMA number. If it is an international return, please create your own label. We will reimburse up to $5.0 per device (up to a maximum of $100) for return shipping

Ship The Devices

Each device must be labeled with the model number and IMEI number for us to process the return. Missing labels delays returns by up to 2 weeks

Receipt Confirmation

You will get a confirmation of return receipt 24 hours after the device is returned to us.

Credit Of Funds

72 hours after the return is received and processed, a credit note will be issued to you. At that point, you can select whether you want a refund, replacement or credit on your next order

Questions About Our Return Policy

A phone with the IMEI label allows us to process the return quickly and issue you the credit note. We can simply scan the label and put it in our return bin. When we do not have the label, we have to process the phone as raw stock and use software to track and trace. This takes time and delays your credit

You can request a return of funds for your returns as long as you return the device in time.

Once you receive the credit note from us, you can send us your payment information and a refund will be made within 2 business days