Our grading approach

Our standardized process ensures our grading is consistent so you know what to expect from order to order

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How do we grade

The checker holds the device 18 inches away from their eyes and rotates it 360 degrees for about for about 30 seconds. Based on their visual assessment one of 2 grades is assigned - Grade A and Grade AB,

Questions about our grading

Consistency is our biggest promise to our customers–both in terms of product availability and grading. You will find that we will always be stocked on most SKUs and always have the same quality and functional outcomes

1. Yes in pre-owned devices, it is not possible to have the same device so there is variation device to device.

2. However, each device will individually meet our criteria for that grade

1. We offer a 90 day, full refund policy on your first 5 orders to make sure you get the products you expected.

2. After your first 5 orders, we expect that you will have experience our grading consistency and spread and will offer replacements only

1. You can request returns by emailing support@2ndlifephones.com

2. You will need the IMEI/Serial, 2ndlife invoice number and reason for return. Returns are approved within 24 hours.

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