Our Quality Process

Cosmetic gradingand functionality testing

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Organize in bound inventory

Inventory is unpacked and allocated to an individual checker and assigned a lot number

Scan inventory into 2ndlife’s systems

All device serial numbers are scanned into our system and IMEI/Serial labels are printed

Cosmetically grade devices

Each device is sanitized and graded based on our grading guidelines. A color code is assigned based on the grading assessment

Test device functionality

Each device is tested for full functionality using automated software and manual steps. Devices that fail functional testing are separated into R2 repair bins

Check device ESN status

Each device is checked through Apples GSX system for ESN status. Inventory with bad ESNs, loans etc. are separated

Organize inventory by model and grade

Devices are placed into bins by model, grade and color. Each checker returns the bins to the stock room with a lot quality report

Pick and pack

Devices are picked from bins based on client orders. Exit entries are made into the lot register

Random testing

5% of our devices are randomly tested a second time during packing for grading and functionality. This helps ensure that we have 2 sets of eyes on the product before shipping


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Get what you expect every time

Cosmetically Graded

  • Clear grading guidelines
  • No incentives for checkers
    to upgrade or downgrade

Functionally Tested

  • Tested manually and through
  • ESN checks through Apple for unlocks,
    loans, blacklists

Clearly Labeled & Professionally Packed

  • Clearly labeled
  • Professionally and securely packed

You may be wondering...

Once you register, you can place an order online and check out. If you need larger quantities, you can also call, text or Whatsapp us and we can discuss order specific pricing

We offer a 90 day, full refund policy to make sure you get the products you expected. This policy is limited to 30 days during new product launch times and is clearly mentioned on the invoice

You can request pictures/videos of any of our current stock. Please text or whatsapp 650-394-7310 and we will share promptly

You can request returns by emailing support@2ndlifephones.com. You will need the IMEI/Serial, 2ndlife invoice number and reason for return. Returns are approved within 24 hours.

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