Crush Your Competitors with the Best iPhone Wholesale Suppliers in the USA

Posted on February 15, '23 by 2ndlifephones Support

Who does not like to get their hands on the versatile Apple iPhone? The increased demand of people towards refurbished phones is inevitable. This elevating demand of people is met by a huge number of retailers. This indicates high competition and more rivalry among retailers. But wait, 2nd life Phones has got you covered! 2nd life Phones stands among the top iPhone wholesale suppliers in USA that will help you gain an edge over your competitors.

We work with a mission to grant a second chance to used iPhones. We collect a vast variety of refurbished iPhones and ensure that no compromise is made on their quality testing. Moreover, we benefit our customers with a return policy. Retail business owners can get a chance to purchase premium quality iPhones in bulk at market competitive rates. 2nd life Phones gives a chance to people to flourish and expand their wholesale and retail businesses.

What makes 2nd life Phones unique from the rest of the suppliers?

Are you wondering why us? Complying with the highest standards of integrity, 2nd life Phones beats all other iPhone wholesale suppliers in USA. We get our customers what they want, desire, or are searching for. Fulfilling customers’ expectations, we attract and retain them for a longer time. There are certain reasons why we must be your next choice for purchasing bulk quantities of iPhones. Here are some of the motivating reasons that will leave a favorable impression of us in your minds.

Large, Consistent Inventory:

The major reason that makes us the best among all is our huge inventory. Why is this helpful for you? Purchasing bulk amounts of refurbished iPhones from us will ensure that you get all your desired products as well as the products that are currently trending in the market. We carefully curate our inventory and provide various new, old, and flagship models so your future potential customers can get hands-on with their favorite iPhone models. We rarely run out of stock as our huge catalog contains over 40,000 SKUs in stock. Our variety of premium iPhones is based on:

  • Sim Lock Status
  • Functional Status
  • Price
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Cosmetic Grade
  • Color
  • Storage

Grading System:

We perform an orderly grading process that describes the condition of our every phone. A trained mobile specialist categorizes the phone into 5 grades based on the visual analysis of 6 functional grades (fully functional, minor failure, face ID/ touch ID failure, rear camera failure, LCD/ touch failure, and board level failure).

  • Grade A: Phones under this grade are completely functional and have minor to no scratches.
  • Grade AB: Grade AB phones work perfectly fine with minor scratches on the lens and back of the phone. Small bumps on phone are also seen.
  • Grade BC: Such phones are in moderate condition yet fully functional. Scratches are visible on the main lens and back of the device. The frame can have one to many dents and mild discoloration is also identified.
  • Grade B: Grade B phones are fully functional and in great condition. The main lens and back of the device have numerous scratches. The frame can have bumps and clear delamination is observed on the body.
  • Grade D: The condition of phones is moderate but functions well. Many defects are linked with the phone such as broken back or front glass. The frame has dents with faded color of the phone.

Quality testing:

To ensure high standards of quality, each phone has to undergo a series of 8 steps. Hence, wholesale cell phone distributors are provided with the best devices.

  • An inventory of phones is assigned for a check-up by a checker with a specific lot number.
  • All devices are scanned for their IMEI numbers.
  • All devices are graded according to our grade categories with a unique color code.
  • All devices are tested for their functioning.
  • Each device is checked for ESN status. Good ESN status phones are sorted out.
  • All devices are placed in boxes based on model, grade, and color and presented with a lot of quality report.
  • The devices are ready to be shipped on receiving orders with an exit entry made in the lot register.
  • Some of the devices undergo a second process of testing.

A seamless customer experience with 2nd life Phones!

As we excel in providing top-notch phones for your retail business, our customer service is also commendable. From order placement to processing to delivery, we ensure that you make a hassle-free purchase with us. Did we mention that we deliver your products within 24 hours? All this makes us an exceptional wholesaler. Other contributing factors are:

Order placement:

We accept both offline and online orders to buy phones in bulk. Get a smooth online order experience at our website while offline orders are made by placing your price through e-mail, text, or phone. Payments can be done through Bank Wire, Paypal, and many more.

Return policy:

We provide a 30-day and 90-day return or exchange policy. Although, various testimonials by our customers have depicted that they were fully satisfied with our phones. So, our rarely used return policy is effective on every order. Head over to our ‘Return Policy’ section to see more details.

2nd life Phones helps retailers succeed and grow their business!

2nd life Phones has emerged among the best iPhone wholesale suppliers in USA. We offer retailers a number of benefits that makes them attract more customers, generate high sales, and maximize profits. Enjoy a bundle of benefits from us:

  • Market-competitive prices
  • Superior quality phones
  • Fully functional phones
  • Cosmetic graded
  • Vast variety
  • Refund policy
  • Prompt delivery

We, at 2nd life Phones, are iPhones experts. We take care of your business as you do. To let your business stand out from the crowd and excel in the retail business sector, look no further than 2nd life Phones!