Buy wholesale consumer electronics

New and used inventory of iPhones, Samsung, Xiomi, LG, Sony and other leading brands

2ndlifephones is one of the country’s most trusted distributors of gently used smart phones, tablets and other personal electronics.

We source our devices directly from carriers, big box retailers, manufacturers and other resellers.

Our company is built around the belief that we can only be successful if our customers and suppliers are successful and make healthy margins.

If you give us the opportunity to serve your business, you will see this belief reflected in our customer service, inventory levels and quality.

To get started, please sign up for a wholesale account here . You can also continue browse our website to and learn more about how it works, our service offerings, our grading and FAQ.

Our numbers

15,000 devices / month

We distribute 15,000 devices every month. About 80% of are business is gently used Apple and Samsung devices. The remaining product is brand new Pixel, LG, Xiaomi and other leading brands

95% return customers

95% of customers who buy from us once, buy from us again. In fact, 85% of our annual sales are to our existing customers

<1% return rate

Our return rate is less than 1% which is a testament to our functional testing, grading consistency and clear communication to our customers. We are clear about what we sell and stand behind our product and process forever

Our values

Saqib Waqar, Owner

Whatsapp: 650-394-7310, Wechat: 2ndlifephones

"Every decision we make as a company is driven by our goal of building long term partnerships with our customers and suppliers. If you are successful as our partner, we will be successful as a company.  

When you work with us, you will see this value reflected in 3 things

1 - Our prices are very competitive because our goal is to make sure our partners make good margins

2 - Our sales team is 100% transparent and will help guide your buying decisions. We do not want our customers stuck with inventory they can;t move

3 - Our after sales services is unmatched - we will deal with logistics, customs and even help you liquidate other suppliers products if you need

If you work with us and feel that we have not met your expectations or our own goals, you can contact me directly at 650-394-7310 and we will make it right"


See what our clients say

Finding consistent used phone inventory was impossible before we started buying from 2ndlifephones. These guys have the right models in stock at the right price.

Jon, Repairsmith retail, Los Angeles

Ordering from 2ndlifephones is seamless and the quality has been consistent over the last 2 years. They are a great partner to work with and always come through

Martin D. , Metro dealer, Bakersfield

The most important thing for me is after sale service - whether we want more or have a return or need to get a payment completed, Saqib has been able to help immediately.

Jose, Multi carrier dealer, Los Angeles